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Charitable Recycling Australia Conference – Brisbane 2023

The 2023 Charitable Recycling Australia Conference will be held at the Pullman King George Square Brisbane on 16-17 October 2023. We’ve booked the amazing Grand Windsor Ballroom that can seat 250 delegates cabaret style, as well as the adjoining King George Room to house our exhibitors. Diarise the dates and look out for the delegate […]

Reuse Immersive – Reverse Garbage, Salvos and King Cotton

Charitable Recycling Australia hosted a reuse immersive on Wednesday 2 November with 50 key government policy makers and council stakeholders attending the Monash University presentation on the headline findings from the ARC Research on Measuring the Benefits of Reuse in the Circular Economy. Most also attended the site tours at Reverse Garbage, Salvos Stores and King […]

Charitable Recycling Australia is hiring

Charitable Recycling Australia is hiring! We’re looking for a highly communicative, proactive, professional, energetic and engaging Membership Development & Circular Impact Manager to deliver a bold and ambitious strategic plan to support the sector and gear up the association for the next horizon.

Bingo Industries – NSW Weight Based Billing Tender

Charitable Recycling Australia congratulates Bingo Industries which has been selected as the successful tenderer for the ‘AU-980521 – Multi-site Waste Collection, Recycling and Disposal Contract for Charitable Recycling Organisations’. The key driver of this tender was for the launch and implementation of Weight Based Billing for charitable recycling organisations in New South Wales. This ground-breaking […]

National e-Stewardship Consultation Process

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) is seeking responses to the Stewardship for Consumer and Other Electrical and Electronic Products Discussion Paper with submissions closing on Friday 25 February 2022. Click below to have your say.

Sustainability Victoria – Responsible Consumption Consumer Survey

Sustainability Victoria is undertaking a survey to understand people’s attitudes and behaviours when it comes to acquiring and getting rid of furniture and clothing, and they are keen for any Australian adult to provide their opinions and experiences in the mix. Please feel free to share this survey with your donors and customers nationally. It […]

Clothing Product Stewardship – Stakeholder Engagement Launch

Zoom Town Hall Meeting – Wednesday 2 February at 3pm AEST The Australian Fashion Council and Consortium members – Charitable Recycling Australia, QUT, Sustainable Resource Use and WRAP – invite you to a webinar briefing and stakeholder engagement session on the National Clothing Product Stewardship Scheme. As a key stakeholder in Australia’s National Approach to Fashion […]

Charitable Impact Data – Now Available By State

Ideal for State Governments and Councils MRA Consulting has drilled down into the datasets of the Charitable Impact Study to identify the impact per state of the charitable reuse and recycling sector. Here are some (rounded) highlights on diversion from landfill and revenue raised per state per year, plus job creation: Charitable Diversion from Landfill (Annual) […]

Victorian Textiles Grant Funding – CEBIC

Sustainability Victoria has announced that the Victorian Government will award up to $750,000 in funding for Textiles Innovation and Collaborative Innovation, through the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre (CEBIC). Textiles Innovation This stream will provide grants of between $75,000 and $150,000 for collaborative projects that explore, test and/or demonstrate innovative circular solutions that design out […]

DAWE e-Stewardship Program

The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment commissioned Iceni and Lifecycles to undertake modelling to develop the quantitative foundation to inform the department’s work program on e-stewardship. The work updated an earlier model with the latest data to provide up-to-date evaluations of the amounts of different e-products placed on the market and e-waste […]

The State of Second-Hand Clothes and Footwear Trade in Kenya

Kenya is one of the largest importers of second-hand clothes in Sub-Saharan Africa because of its use and export to other countries. The second-hand clothes industry contributes to government revenues. The existence of second-hand clothes is a demand-side issue rather than a supply-side issue. For a considerable number of people, incomes in the country can […]

DAWE – National eStewardship Initiative

The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) is undertaking an electronic stewardship work program, to tackle the 500,000 tonnes of e-waste generated every year that is projected to grow to nearly one million tonnes by 2035. DAWE has established a taskforce to drive a national consultation process to better understand e-waste in […]

Western Australian Government

The Government of Western Australia has announced its Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 with a vision that Western Australia will become a sustainable, low-waste, circular economy in which human health and the environment are protected from the impacts of waste.

NSW EPA Strategic Plan

EPA NSW has announced its new Strategic Plan 2021-24, that sets out its vision for five focus areas over the next three years: Ecological Sustainable Development, Waste, Water Quality, Climate Change, and Legacy and Emerging Contaminants.

Victorian Government Launches CEBIC

Textiles is a focus area for the Victorian Government in 2021-22. Following an insightful Textiles Workshop hosted by DELWP and Sustainability Victoria, the Circular Economy Business Innovation Centre (CEBIC) has been launched to support the textiles industry through a grant stream. CEBIC’s priorities are collaboration and innovative ideas to reduce textiles waste and use materials […]

Australian & NSW Government Recycling Projects

The Australian and New South Wales Governments have announced 22 new ground-breaking recycling projects across metropolitan and regional NSW as part of a $600 million national rollout of recycling infrastructure. Charitable Recycling Australia commends the Commonwealth and NSW Governments on this joint initiative, which also leads the way to where we would like to be […]

Charitable Impact Report – Average Donations by State

Did you know that the average Australian donates 39kg of goods for reuse to charity each year? 12kg of that is clothing. Which state is the most generous? Tasmania. Tasmanians donate a massive 67kg a year to charity! Charitable Recycling Australia thanks all Australians for their generosity, without which charities could not deliver the massive […]

Kenyan Reuse Market – An Example to the World

The US-based Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART), the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC), the UK’s Textile Recycling Association (TRA) and the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) cite the Kenyan reuse market for second-hand clothes as an example to the world. The used clothing textile industry is crucial to Kenya’s economy with two million […]

Textile Exports – Fate, Benefits and Impact

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Green Growth Initiative highlighted the need for comprehensive collection, reuse and recycling of used textiles as part of a growing circular economy. A major study in close cooperation with the 13 largest exporters of used textiles estimated the socio-economic and environmental impacts arising from their subsequent treatment. The key findings […]

Social Media Launch

Charitable Recycling Australia is building a social media profile with the launch of an Instagram page in October 2021. Our objectives are to: Increase awareness among young consumers on the positive impacts of charitable reuse and the benefits of op shopping Deliver information on responsible donating and the circular economy Position charities as the first […]

Member Network Activation Kits Coming Soon

Charitable Recycling Australia will soon be distributing ‘Network Activation Kits’ to all members, including social media tiles, EDM headers and in-store poster creatives using key datasets from the Charitable Impact Report to help members collectively drive responsible donations, charity shop sales and meaningful stakeholder engagement. The Network Activation Kits are designed to communicate a powerful evidence-based business case for government and council support […]

Charitable Recycling Australia Launches New Retail Advisory Group

Charitable Recycling Australia is pleased to announce that Brian Walker, CEO at The Retail Doctor Group, Peter Knock, Director at Peter Knock Consultancy and John Elliott, Founder at Looptworks have been appointed as inaugural members of the newly formed Retail Advisory Group. The Charter of the Retail Advisory Group is to: Ask fundamental questions and […]

EPA NSW Delivers Resources for Charities to Tackle Dumping

The EPA NSW has developed a range of education materials to remind people to donate responsibly. NSW charitable recyclers spend millions of dollars annually disposing of donations dumped outside their doors and collection bins. The education materials (posters, social media tiles, infographic and stickers) are available to remind householders how to donate responsibly and the […]

Government to invest $1 million in the National Product Stewardship Investment Fund.

Charitable Recycling Australia was one of three organisations invited to present at the National Clothing Textiles Waste Roundtable at Parliament House in Canberra, along with the Australian Fashion Council and WRAP. Hosted by the Hon. Sussan Ley MP, Minister for the Environment and the Hon. Trevor Evans MP, Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction, the Roundtable brought together industry leaders to address […]

Impact Report Key Findings – Charitable Recycling Diverts Over 1 Million Tonnes of Waste from Landfill.

Charitable Recycling Australia commissioned independent market researchers MRA Consulting to measure the triple bottom line impact of the charitable reuse and recycling network – and the findings were launched at the National Clothing Textiles Roundtable at Parliament House last week. The Charitable Impact Study shows that charitable recycling diverts over a million tonnes of waste from landfill, raises […]

Clothing Textiles Roadmap Solution

NACRO has a vision for a Circular Textiles Economy, and it begins with the overarching perspective that clothing textiles donated to charities are a resource, not a waste. Clothing textiles are a valuable resource in Australia’s economy, whether they are new – or about to be reused. In fact, a pre-loved item made from quality […]


VIC Responsible Donating Campaign

NACRO has launched a Victorian campaign on responsible donating targeting consumers, through radio and posters. The positive reinforcement campaign with a tagline of ‘Be Part of the Solution’ seeks to inform and inspire consumers to donate responsibly to charities. The campaign is funded by NACRO through income received from the charitable component of Metro Trains […]

Charitable Impact Measurement – Textiles

NACRO has funded a critical piece of research to demonstrate the social, environmental and economic impacts of charitable reuse and recycling, using the case study of clothing textiles. Understanding the impact of NACRO member activities will contribute to an evidence base for the benefits of the sector, helping all NACRO members to demonstrate their unique […]


NSW Weight Based Billing

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has entered into a Partnership Agreement with NACRO for the development of a suite of tender documents for waste and recycling management services under a Weight Based Billing system. NACRO estimates that NSW members may save up to $1.5 million annually through this project. The benefits of […]

Federal Inquiry into Waste & Recycling

NACRO commends the Federal Government on its inquiry into innovation in the Waste and Recycling Industries. NACRO has lodged a submission on the role of the charitable reuse and recycling sector as pioneers of the Circular Economy and key drivers of reuse in Australia. It calls on the Government to action four key recommendations: Leverage […]


WA Charitable Recyclers Dumping Reduction Program – Applications Open Now

The Western Australian Charitable Recyclers Dumping Reduction Program (CRDRP) supports charitable recyclers that divert used items from landfill and recover them for recycling and reuse. The program aims to reduce illegal dumping and littering, and to prevent unusable items – which ultimately end up at landfill – being left at donation sites. The program will […]


Tasmania Reveals New Draft Waste Action Plan

NACRO applauds the Tasmanian Government’s new draft Waste Action Plan. Tasmania’s commitment to move towards a Circular Economy is exciting, with opportunities to scale and accelerate the reuse, recycling, repair and resource recovery activities of NACRO members. We look forward to working with, and supporting EPA Tasmania to deliver its objectives. Read NACRO‘s Submission on […]

Zero Waste Network Collective Impact Measurement Project to now include Charity Op Shops

NACRO members are the original circular economy experts. We divert waste from landfill, generate funds to support the community, and create thousands of voluntary and paid positions around the country. However, we know very little about our collective impact – the contribution that we, as a sector, make to Australia’s social, environmental and economic fabric. […]


Victorian Government Commits to Developing a Circular Economy Policy

NACRO commends the Victorian Government on its commitment to developing a circular economy policy and the release of its Issues Paper for consultation. NACRO is delighted to submit the attached feedback outlining the importance of the charitable reuse, recycling and retail sector as both early adopters of circular economy principals, and as charitable organisations with […]


NSW EPA Releases New Application for Exemption

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has released a new application for the Community Service Exemption from the NSW Waste Levy. A downloadable PDF called ‘Community Service Exemption Guidelines – Completing an Application’ is now available to help applicants navigate the new application and can be found here. There is no change to how charities […]


Victorian Circular Economy Paper

NACRO Incorporating Zero Waste Network has been invited to provide feedback to the Victorian Government’s Circular Economy issues paper released this week. Charitable reuse, recycling and retail organisations are perfectly positioned to both support, and benefit from, the transition into a circular economy that will grow our economy, increase jobs and reduce impacts on the […]

NACRO Integrates Zero Waste Network to Promote Charitable Reuse and Recycling in Australia

Today, NACRO’s offer to integrate and merge the Zero Waste Network’s assets, services and influence into NACRO was formally completed. In announcing the integration, Omer Soker, CEO of NACRO said ‘The combined value proposition will scale our influence to uphold trust in, and promote the impact of the charitable reuse, recycling and retail sector as […]

NACRO to Incorporate Zero Waste Network

NACRO’s formal offer to integrate and merge the Zero Waste Network’s assets, members and influence into NACRO has been approved by the ZWN board and ratified by its members with overarching enthusiasm. Both are not-for-profit charitable associations with much in common. The combined value proposition will scale our influence to uphold trust in, and promote […]

NACRO Annual Conference

Join leaders of the charitable recycling sector for the most important and thought-provoking two days of the year – at the NACRO Annual Conference at the Pullman Albert Park Melbourne on 14-15 October 2019. Take a look at the Conference Agenda and book at Early Bird rates today. Day 1 Recycling has Australia’s best speakers […]


New Waste Levy Waiver for SA

Following representations to the South Australian Government and collaborative discussions with the EPA and Green Industries, NACRO is delighted that the Hon Rob Lucas, Treasurer of SA, has announced that a 50% reduction on the levy will be provided to charity organisations on unwanted waste they receive as part of the donation system. With the […]

The Recycling Industry Unites According to ACOR

Australia’s recycling industry is concerned that Sunday’s 60 Minutes program didn’t paint the full picture of Australia’s recycling efforts and didn’t highlight the industry’s contribution of some 50,000 jobs and $15 billion in value, with real potential for more benefits. The report included:a false claim that much of Australia’s plastic waste is being disposed of […]

NACRO Lobbies Govt to increase reuse & recycling initiatives

NACRO calls on all State Governments to invest just $10 for each tonne of waste charities deal with each year, into three proven interventions to tackle dumping at charities, to increase reuse and recycling initiatives in the charitable recycling sector and to educate consumers on responsible donations. NACRO also challenges the Federal Government to get […]

NACRO launches a new policy position & 3-point plan

NACRO launches a new policy position and 3-point plan to tackle dumping at charities, to increase reuse and recycling in the charitable recycling sector, and to educate consumers on responsible donations. Omer Soker, CEO of NACRO was invited to launch the plan live on air on Weekend Sunrise. Policy Positions

Dressed by Vinnies Day

Dressed by Vinnies is held any day that works for your school or organisation but one suggestion is National Dressed by Vinnies day on 26 October. Prior to the event all participants need to visit a local Vinnies shop and purchase any item to wear on the free dress day. They will then be Dressed […]

Australian Waste – Time for a New Story

It’s time to start telling a different story about Australia’s waste industry. That the China ban in fact represents the massive incentive our country needs to start looking for solutions. And more and more stakeholders are contributing to the conversation about the future focused solutions. Fore more, click here.

Buy It Back Day

Buy It Back Day (BIBD) is on Saturday 17 November this year as part of National Recycling Week (November 12-18), and encourages people to buy second hand or buy products containing recycled content. Organised by Planet Ark. For more, read on.

More Recycling Equals Less Tax

More recycling from NSW households could reduce taxes by up to $250 million per year or some $100 per household, according to the Australian Council of Recycling (ACOR). Speaking at the Keep NSW Beautiful “Sustainable Cities Seminar” and at the NACRO Annual Conference, ACOR CEO Pete Shmigel said recovering more household material for recycling meant […]

NACRO Strategy and Positioning 2019

NACRO has announced its new strategy with four key objectives, along with a three-tier, data-driven media and engagement positioning strategy. 1). Reduce illegal/unintentional dumping and increase reuse/recycling in collaboration with governments. 2). Expand influence with consumers, councils and commercials. 3). Uphold sector integrity for transparency and accountability. 4). Deliver member benefits for organisational sustainability. For […]

Charities Spending Millions on Waste

Charities in Australia spend $13 million on waste management each year, sending 60,000 tonnes of unusable donations; that have no value and can’t be recycled; as waste to landfill every year. On the positive side, charities divert over 500,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill every year by their reuse and recycling programs, with Australians […]

NACRO on ABC News Breakfast

Omer Soker, CEO of NACRO was invited onto ABC News Breakfast to discuss responsible donations and how Australian consumers can help charities maximise the value of their donations into social welfare programs. Watch the video here.

$1.75 Million Reasons to Donate to Charity

A Canadian man’s sister had told him it was time to sift through his bulging closet and donate unused old clothing to a charity. That’s when he stumbled on the $1,750,000 winning lottery ticket, which he had purchased last year. The benefits of clearing out old closets and donating to charity! For more, read on.


EPA NSW Illegal Dumping Grants

Illegal dumping grant applications are now open and close on 5pm 30 October 2018. The NSW EPA is seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) from community groups on projects that identify local illegal dumping hotspots and have planned clean-up and prevention action. This is the sixth of eight funding rounds under the Combating Illegal Dumping: Clean-up and […]

Charity Fraud Awareness Week

This week is Charity Fraud Awareness Week (22 October to 26 October), an international initiative designed to raise awareness about fraud in the charity sector, and share best practice solutions in tackling fraud and financial crime. For more, click here.

Fake Charity Scams

For Charity Fraud Awareness Week, Scamwatch has revealed that charities are losing out on more than $320,000 in donations due to fake charity scams. Scamwatch is appealing to donors to be wary of fake charities or people impersonating real charities. In 2018, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) received almost 690 reports of scams. […]