Impact Report Key Findings – Charitable Recycling Diverts Over 1 Million Tonnes of Waste from Landfill.

Charitable Recycling Australia commissioned independent market researchers MRA Consulting to measure the triple bottom line impact of the charitable reuse and recycling network – and the findings were launched at the National Clothing Textiles Roundtable at Parliament House last week.

The Charitable Impact Study shows that charitable recycling diverts over a million tonnes of waste from landfill, raises almost a billion dollars for social good, creates over 5,300 jobs and engages 33,500 volunteers across 9.2 million volunteer hours every year.

Our network of 3,000+ charity and social enterprise retailers and 10,000+ charity bins have a resource recovery rate of 86%. That means we use 86% of all items donated – and in doing so, we reduce carbon emissions by 66%, energy use by 59% and water consumption by 57%.

These are just some of the headline datasets and outputs that show how the charitable reuse and recycling network can help all levels of government meet Australia’s 2030 National Waste Policy targets – as a sector that is widely acknowledged as the first responders in the circular economy.