NACRO to Incorporate Zero Waste Network

NACRO’s formal offer to integrate and merge the Zero Waste Network’s assets, members and influence into NACRO has been approved by the ZWN board and ratified by its members with overarching enthusiasm.

Both are not-for-profit charitable associations with much in common. The combined value proposition will scale our influence to uphold trust in, and promote the impact of the charitable reuse, recycling and retail sector as a collaborative and progressive network with a powerful voice to advocate on behalf of all member needs.

The integration will unify our sector and put charitable reuse and recycling organisations at the top of the agenda for local, state and federal government, as well as providing both sets of members access to more member services, greater benefits and enhanced influence together. NACRO is working through the transition with ZWN and a formal announcement will be made shortly.

For more information, please contact or see the ZWN website.