Charitable Impact Report – Average Donations by State

Did you know that the average Australian donates 39kg of goods for reuse to charity each year? 12kg of that is clothing.

  • Which state is the most generous? Tasmania.
  • Tasmanians donate a massive 67kg a year to charity!

Charitable Recycling Australia thanks all Australians for their generosity, without which charities could not deliver the massive social and environmental benefits they do.

Check out how your state fared in terms of average donations each year:

  • 67kg Tasmania
  • 56kg South Australia
  • 55kg Queensland
  • 36kg Victoria
  • 31kg New South Wales
  • 31kg Western Australia
  • 31kg Northern Territory
  • 14kg Australian Capital Territory

A typical charity shop receives an average of 376 tonnes of donations a year, with 339 tonnes donated in store and 37 tonnes donated via collection bins.