Charitable Impact Measurement – Textiles

NACRO has funded a critical piece of research to demonstrate the social, environmental and economic impacts of charitable reuse and recycling, using the case study of clothing textiles.

Understanding the impact of NACRO member activities will contribute to an evidence base for the benefits of the sector, helping all NACRO members to demonstrate their unique selling points to customers, businesses and governments. It will also enable NACRO to advocate on behalf of the sector with hard data to promote the benefits of charitable reuse and recycling organisations within Circular Economy principles.

NACRO would like to thank DES, DELWP, Sustainability Victoria, DWER, EPA Tasmania, EPA NSW and DPIE for their input into the research brief and key metrics, and to congratulate MRA Consulting who has been appointed to conduct the research.

It is important that all NACRO members participate in providing data for the research, to ensure the impact metrics are representative of the entire sector. All individual data provided by members will be kept confidential, and only used in aggregate. MRA Consulting will reach out to members shortly, and the research is expected to be complete by mid to late 2020, after which NACRO will fund and launch a major communications and engagement campaign.

Please click here to see a copy of the research brief and key metrics.

PS: This project is separate and additional to the Australian Research Council Linkages Grant application research proposal on ‘The benefits of charitable reuse within the Circular Economy’, through Monash University which has received funding from DES, GISA and SV subject to ARC grant approval.