Charitable Recycling Australia Conference – Brisbane 2023

After another huge sold-out face-to-face conference in Sydney last year, we’ve booked the massive ballroom at the Pullman King George Square Brisbane that holds up to 280 delegates cabaret style, as the venue for Charitable Recycling Australia’s 2023 national conference.

Registration is now open, so make sure you join your peers and all the leaders of the charitable reuse sector in Brisbane on 16-17 October 2023.

Every face-to-face conference since 2018 has been fully booked out, and for good reason. This is where the sector convenes for the latest trends, insights and strategies for the future.

It’s live and in person, because nothing beats this experiential face-to-face event that delivers the human interaction, the chance to share new ideas, the stimulation to learn, the need to get together to discuss disruption … and the desire to begin shaping and inspiring a new agenda for the future.

It’s even bigger and better this year, with room for more delegates in the ballroom, and in the adjacent exhibition hall where we’ll welcome 10 of our corporate partners to showcase products and services to help our members with new generation strategies.

We’re even ramping up the fun in 2023. There’s a networking event on the Sunday prior, and the conference dinner on the Monday with music, dancing and some bespoke entertainment to make you smile, relax and party.

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It’s designed to engage the next generation, and the fresh ideas and perspectives they can bring, when they are given a voice.

The next generation is the most important stakeholder for the charitable reuse sector because they represent the future of society. They are the ones who will both inherit our legacy and create the world they want to live in by. We need to engage them, right now in 2023, to create the positive change that’s required to address the challenges facing our sector and accelerate the opportunities.

This year’s conference addresses the need to:

  • integrate government policy and funding for reuse
  • challenge donor fatigue
  • educate citizens on responsible donating
  • scale resource management solutions
  • develop new online and retail business models
  • engage Millennials and Gen Z
  • create an elevated customer experience that links social and environmental impact.

To do this, we need to understand the next generation perspectives, having grown up in a more connected and globalised world, with access to more information and technology to balance their awareness of climate change and social inequality, as well as their motivation to take action.

The next generation will also bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the conference agenda, and the future of our sector. They are not bound by the same assumptions and biases that may have held back progress in the past, and they can bring new solutions and innovations to complex problems.

We need to:

  • engage the next generation both internally and externally
  • invest in their development
  • empowering them
  • listen to their thoughts about the future

This means re-framing our language, our messaging and our communications for maximum impact – and developing next generation strategies.

Setting the tone with the keynote address for the 2023 Conference is arguably Australia’s leading sustainability thinker, who also happens to be one of the best public speakers in the country. Plus an exceptional line of progressive speakers and panellists including many young future leaders with the passion and vision to challenge what we may take for granted to create a brighter future for the charitable reuse sector.

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