2022 Conference Speakers

17 – 18 October 2022

Mandy Scotney
Conference MC
Director, Third Collective

Hon James Griffin, MP
NSW Minister for Environment and Heritage

Jana Žůrková
Network Development Manager, RREUSE

Robin Osterley
CEO, Charity Retail Association UK

James Bartle
Founding CEO, Outland Denim

Josh Howard
Founder, Single Use Ain’t Sexy

John Gertsakis
Director, Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence

Claire Kneller
Executive Director, WRAP Asia-Pacific

Brian Walker
CEO, Retail Doctor Group

Peter Knock
Director, Peter Knock Consulting

Jeff Antcliff
Executive General Manager, Vinnies VIC

John Elliott
Founder, Save Our Soles

Sam Sondhi
CEO, Outlook Victoria

Martin Nordstrom
Sustainability Manager, Salvos Stores

Steph van Loon
Senior Trade Officer, Netherlands Consulate

Nick Harford
Managing Director, Equlibrium

Matt Davis
Chair, Charitable Recycling Australia (and CEO Salvos Stores)

Suzanne Parkinson
Social Media Strategist, Charitable Recycling Australia

Ben Peacock
Founder, Republic of Everyone

Alice Payne
Associate Professor, QUT

Sarah Wilson
PhD Candidate ISF & Research Manager, Furniture 360

Matt Allen
Research Associate, Monash University

Barbara Gill
General Manager, Garage Sale Trail

Kate Larkin
GM Recruitment Services, Beaumont People

Miles Ruge
Client Success Manager, Kepler Analytics

Steve Glendenning
NSW Manager, Resource Recovery Australia

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