NACRO Code of Practice

Private and public land managers are urged to support charity recyclers when considering the placement of clothing donation bins on their properties.

NACRO members and communities around Australia have demonstrated that prominently located recycling collection bin are a very effective method of collecting clothing donations for distribution to those in need and resale through their op shops to raise funds for their community programs.

NACRO members have adopted a Code of Practice to ensure that donation bins remain a convenient service for residents to donate to their charity of choice, and in turn keep recyclable items from landfill.

NACRO has written to all local governments across Australia asking them to review and adopt a policy that supports clothing donation bins operated by NACRO members on council managed land.  We ask government agencies and private land managers to also support charity recycling and in doing so support this essential funding stream for the charities’ community support programs.


NACRO Code of Practice

Brochure:  Return Reuse Recycle – Charity recyclers need your help