86% of Australians prefer buying secondhand goods – Gumtree report

Gumtree’s annual Second Hand Economy Report, conducted by Galaxy Research in August 2017 is based on a survey of 1004 adults, aged 18 to 64.

The report estimates more than 90 per cent Australians have unwanted items in their home and average of 25 unused items per home and 25% of us have 40 or more unused items.ms and the total value of unwanted goods is estimated to be worth $43.5 billion Australia-wide – up by $3.5 billion since the 2016 report.

The vast majority of Australians (86%) say that they prefer buying second hand over brand new. According to the survey, the most common unwanted goods are:

  • Clothing, shoes, and accessories (63%)
  • Books (54%)
  • Music, DVD’s and CD’s (54%)
  • Electronic goods (50%).

You can read and download a copy of the report here …  A summary of the report is on the Gumtree blog published 6 October 2017.